Spar Rainbow Run

Yesterday I attended my first ever Rainbow Run.  True to their word Spar was open for registration at exactly 7am, talk about great time keeping skills!  The Rainbow Run was open for all ages and it was a great way to spend Mothers Day.

Rainbow Run Fitness Bae.jpg

Image captured by ZOL

Distances covered included 2.5km, 5km or 10km colour run and the best part was you could either run or walk.  Unfortunately the event was delayed because a lot of people didn’t keep time so registration took forever and a day.  My intention was to run 5km but when we eventually started nearly an hour than the advertised time it was uncomfortably hot so my friends and I chose to walk instead.  I bumped into so many familiar faces and some of my Twitter friends came to life!


Rainbow Run 2018 with Ropa.jpg

With Ropa from Twitter

Rainbow Run with Xavier.jpg

With Xavier from Facebook

Rainbow Run.jpg

With my good friend Shami 🙂

Rainbow Run Fitness Bae 1.jpg

Great Vibes!

There were lots of fun activities for both adults and children.  Food stalls as well as a bar were conveniently placed within the venue.  There was a hive of activity it’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to go through each and every stand.

Rainbow Run 2018.jpg

Spar Rainbow Run.jpg

You can view more pictures from the Spar Facebook Page over here.

The Rainbow Run was in a charity event to raise money to assist vulnerable young people in our community and we managed to raise $30 000!

My highlight of the entire event were the exploding colours.  You can check out the video from my Facebook Page over here.  A truck would pass by runners or walkers and fire away colours that would turn into colourful clouds.  I felt like a child again.  The excitement was unbelievable!  There was part of the route where colour was spewed on the road and participants stopped to take pictures, roll on the ground and cover themselves with different colours and grab a refreshment of sort that was provided.

Fitness Bae Rainbow Run.jpg

What I loved about the Rainbow Colour Run:

  • The massage I received after my run from Massage Cafe, my body is so tense it’s unbelievable!
  • Networking, I made new contacts that I’m going to be putting to great use.
  • The amount of fun and laughter I experienced, I forgot about all my worries for an entire day.
  • I got to spend Mothers Day surrounded by happy people.

Yesterday was an entire mood. I experienced Saturday vibes on a Sunday! 

Have you been to a Rainbow Run before?  If yes what was your experience like?

Fitness Bae®


Half Marathon With Bon Marché

I’m going to run my second half marathon to date on Saturday and I’m excited!  Running makes me happy.  Running keeps me sane.  Running is the definitely the next best thing after sex, well; for me anyway!

Fitness Bae Bon Mache WalkARobix

On our way home yesterday my colleague, Tawanda, asked me what I was going to be up to over the weekend and I leisurely told him I wanted to go for the Bon Marché Walk-A-Robix but the location is too far seeing that I’m not mobile.  It was my lucky day because he was going with his friend Gloria; and she called a few minutes after we had the half marathon conversation.  She was registering for both of them and I begged him to ask her to do the same for me and I’d reimburse her money.  A few minutes later she called to confirm that everything was in order, happy days!

Harare Marathon Fitness Bae.jpg

Why I love Bon Marché fitness dos:

  1. They’re reasonably priced, $5 gets you a t-shirt or vest and they are good quality too!  I still have my t-shirt from the very first do I attended close to 3 years ago.
  2. They’re organised; nothing makes me happy as much as event organisers who keep time.
  3. They serve refreshments, no need to worry about packing my own water bottle.
  4. It’s a colourful event, it brings a lot of fitness enthusiasts together, just watch this space for the selfies I’m going to take.
  5. They’re fitness competitions after the run so you stand a chance to walk away with a cool prize!

Half Marathon Fitness Bae.png

After taking another look at the running route I noticed that it’s ending at 18K, well, the overzealous me will run all the way to get to 21k, why stop when I can hit my actual target?

You can register at any of their 8 Bon Marché branches.  However, YOU CAN NOT register on the day.

I hope to see you there.  I know I’ll be there seeing that I’ve already paid for it!

What are you doing this Saturday?

Fitness Bae®

Fitness Bae Run

Shout out to Gloria for getting us to to the venue in one piece; she’s the one with the pretty lipstick.

Fitness Bae Bon Marche.jpg

Before the run

Fitness Bae running partner.jpg

After the run with my friend Tawanda

Fitness Bae & Xavier.jpg

Photo courtesy of Xavier, he’s a member of my Facebook Fitness Community

Fitness Bae 21k.jpg

Fitness Bae


I last got some Zumba workout done close to two months ago.  You can imagine my excitement when I received an email notifying me that Zorro was hosting a free Zumba session! The first thing I did was message my friend Shami to let her know that we were going to be attending this do come rain or shine.  Come Saturday, I was there 30 minutes late and Shami was right on time; shame on me!

#RunWithFitnessBae Zumba.jpg

We clocked in a good hour of different music genres and danced the morning away.  I was in my zone; dancing makes me happy!

Zumba With Zorro #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

Zorro, Shami, Fitness Bae

The outing would be incomplete without a selfie with Zorro.  He’s really good at his craft.  The event was mainly to support the underprivileged so people came through with donations of any sort including but not limited to money, clothing and groceries.  I donated a few clothes that don’t fit anymore thanks to all this running I do.

Zumba #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

Goofing around 🙂

It’s always great to do something different every now and again, even better if your friends can come along.

What fitness fun did you get up to this weekend?

Fitness Bae®

Old Mutual Harare Marathon

One of my new year goals is to run at least 3 half marathons this year.  I know, that’s pretty intense considering I only ran my first half marathon just last month.  The idea is to push my body to the limits and this will certainly do so.  I for one am disappointed with the start time because it’s very hot lately and by 6am my body doesn’t do very well with running, I’m more of a just before the sun comes out runner but I guess I’ll have to make a plan!

Fitness Bae Old Mutual Harare Marathon.jpg

All the details are on the poster.   You can enter for the Old Mutual Harare Marathon on Friday 9 February or Saturday 10 February at Old Georgians Club in Groombridge.  Payment options include cash, swipe and Ecocash.  Come prepared.

Mark your calendar and save the date, will see you on Sunday!

Fitness Bae®

ParkRun Harare : October

Come and run with us this weekend at the ONLY park run in Harare.

Place: Greenwood Park

Date: 14 and 28 October 2017

Time 5:30am for 6:am

Join us for a fitness filled morning at the park hosted by Fitness Bae in partnership with Steward Health.

  • 5K Run
  • Body Weight Training
  • Stretching

Bring your towel and bottle of water.  Remember to wear something pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

*Please be early, run starts at 6am sharp!*

Admission is Free!

28 October 2017

28 October 2017

Fitness Bae®




The GloRun

The GloRun is a youth initiative that started last year. It’s a 5km glow in the dark night run that is then followed with a Glow Party. (yes, you read right, Issa Party!!) Last year it was in aid of Magis Zimbabwe Pilgrims who were raising funds to go to the World Youth Day in Poland. After the success of last year, where over 600 tickets were sold in 3 weeks, we decided to continue and have managed to maintain the interest of our previous sponsors and gained a few in the process.

This year The GloRun is in aid of KidzCan Zimbabwe and we would love to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause. The run is on the 19th of August 2017.


The GloRun is being held at The Country Club in Newlands starting at 5:30 pm with registrations at theglow painting booth.  GloRun participants then go under a UV light to activate the paint and will do a short dance warm up around 6 or 6:30pm then start a 5km (9 hole run) around the golf course.

After completion GloRun participants join a glow in the dark foam party with the resident DJ Smith.

ZiFM Stereo is the media partner for this event and they will also be partnering with KidzCan to celebrate Zi@5!

You already know I love all things fitness and I will be at the GloRun party.  It will be my first time attending this event and I am super excited! I am always happy to be part of a worthy cause and I hope you will join me next Saturday for lots of fun, selfies and fitness.

®Fitness Bae