I Can’t Live Without Vegetables

I love me some vegetables; throw them in a salad, stir fry them, slightly boil them, eat them in their natural state.  Whatever the case my life is meaningless without them.  Okay, I lie, both fruits and vegetables are a huge part of my diet and without them my food tastes really bland.  I’m still to try out the egg plant though, the way it looks interesting I have a good feeling it will taste as good as it looks 🙂

importance of vegetables Fitness Bae.jpg

Image from Pinterest

I had a most interesting conversation with a friend of mine who loves all things health and fitness but mainly concentrates on the eating healthy part instead of exercising because he says “He’s a fucking fatty”, his words not mine!  We discovered that we have the same blood type which is A Positive. He told me to read more on our blood type and lo and behold, this is what dear Google had to say;

Type A blood: A meat-free diet based on fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, and whole grains — ideally, organic and fresh, because D’Adamo says people with type A blood have a sensitive immune system. 

This confirmed my love for fruits, especially avocado; vegetables and my never ending gastritis issues.  I don’t know about the meat free part because I love all white meat but beef remains my greatest enemy, I don’t like the smell and texture.  Minus the health benefits which include reducing the risk of high blood pressure, some cancers and  the feel good effect I get after I eat fruits and vegetables, I love colour and my plates always look happy when I add vegetables to it.

Do you know what your blood type is and what are your thoughts on the subject of eating according to your blood type?

Now that my secret love affair for fruits and vegetables is out let’s get to working on Week 3 of the January Challenge.

Sunday Run 10 K
Monday Rest
Tuesday 12 000 steps + 200 Russian Twists + 200 Plank Knee To Elbow
Wednesday 6 000 skips
Thursday Rest
Friday 200 Chest Press + 200 Tricep Extensions
Saturday Run 12K

Some of the workouts require dumbbells, if you don’t have any you can use water bottles or fill up empty water containers with sand. No excuses.

It’s going to be an explosive week ahead!

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The Morning After The Festive Season

Hello and welcome to 2018!  Gotta love the festive season right?  The one time that you binge eat and drink like you don’t know the consequences.  Food, glorious food, wonderful food…it’s like that’s all you see throughout December and you want every bite of it!  Then again life is too short and a little fun never hurt nobody.  I’m one of the people who got a little too excited and went all out, a whole 3 days of non stop partying, drinking and not getting enough sleep.  It took me a whole week to recover from that madness but it was all worth it, I ran 120k in December and that ladies and gentleman was a very huge milestone.

January Fitness Challenge Fitness Bae.jpg

Image from Pinterest

You know that regret you feel after taking the morning after pill?  I think that’s exactly how you feel after losing your fitness morals over the festive season.  However, not all hope is lost because just like you can make a decision to practice safer sex you can also hop back onto the fitness wagon.  I have a challenge that will make you think twice about not eating right, you might not like me very much during this month but you will thank me once you’re done with it.  It’s rest week the whole of this week so make sure you are stretching and hydrating; you’re going to need all the energy.

This time around I will be sharing the challenge weekly.  Week 2 looks like this:

Sunday Run 10 K
Monday Rest
Tuesday 5000 skips + 200 push ups + 200 sit ups
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Walk 10 000 steps + 200 squats+ 200 leg raises
Friday Rest
Saturday Walk 10 000 steps + 200 bicycles + 200 flutter kicks

Please make sure that you do different variations of the exercises.  That way you will enjoy different sets of intense workouts.  Don’t rush through it, “feel” the workouts.  The plan is to get fit or die trying.

Now that you know what’s lined up, which workouts are you looking forward to doing?

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My First Half Marathon

On Sunday I ran my very first half marathon.  It was long overdue!  I had promised myself that sometime in 2017 I would make it happen and thankfully it happened just before the year ended otherwise it was going to be one goal that never materialised.  I trained for my half marathon for nearly 12 weeks then stopped at some point because I genuinely lost interest.  The thought of running a whole 21K scared me and I told myself I wasn’t built for it and that was perfectly okay.

My First 21K Marathon Fitness Bae.jpg

After running my first half marathon

However, because of the current December Challenge that team Fitness In The Park is hosting I was 5 days behind on the challenge and chose to up the amp by running a long distance; it’s a no brainer that I chose 21K to climb up the leader board.

The night before my run I dreamt that I had woken up at the time I had set my alarm and it was broad daylight.  I was annoyed and cancelled my run because I’m not the best runner when the sun is out.  I woke up to my alarm ringing and laughed out loud because this run was clearly taking over my entire life!

Soon as I got up I emptied my bladder nearly 5 times because I didn’t want to have to stop along the way for a pee break.  I also think it was the nerves kicking in because I knew that this run was going to be taxing on my entire body!

One thing happened to me during my run that I think every first half marathon runner should be wary of.  I FELT SO HUNGRY around 11K mark but I had to keep going, where was I going to get food from at 4:30am in the middle of nowhere?

Everyone has been asking me how I managed to run for 2 hours and 26 minutes none stop. I have no magic formula for this, the honest truth was that I told myself that I can slow down but I won’t stop and that ladies and gentleman is how I broke the mental barrier and smashed my first half marathon!  Oh, not forgetting the after run selfie and the NRC achievements!

Half Marathon #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

A few highlights of my run:

  • I started my run at 3:40am
  • I ran 10K #JustDoItSunday with the Nike Run Club community.
  • I ran non stop for 2 hours 26 minutes and 18 whole seconds!
  • I wasn’t listening to any music, it was just me and my thoughts that went from yay I’m so happy to be doing this to you know what, it’s really not too late to turn back and go home.
  • I used a sock to hold my phone.  Believe it or not but it’s way better than those phone arm bands that they sell.  You can make your own, YouTube is your friend!
  • My body felt like it didn’t belong to me after the run.  My legs felt like jelly and I was convinced I was going to collapse and die right there and then.  However, nothing felt as good as knowing that waking up at such an ungodly hour was worth it after all because…did I mention, I ran my first half marathon!
  • My toes were and still are painful but the rest of my body has completely healed, I even ran 10K yesterday and plan on running two more 10K runs this week.
  • Next stop Victoria Falls Marathon in 2018!!!

I’m currently suffering from fruit cravings and I’ve been having them in abundance.  Oh, and I’m hungry all the time!

How was your first half marathon?  What are some of your highlights and regrets?

For some first time half marathon runners here are a few tips: 21K Training Tips

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December Challenge


The December Challenge looks like this:

Christmas Challenge #RunWithFitnessBae.jpg

Poster Designed by Samuel Jnr Bhebhe

Lite : Run 80K
Intermediate: Run 120K
Advanced: 160K

Make sure to check in on the distance you would have covered every Monday so that we know its real.

I advise you to run at your own pace but the end goal for December is to complete any of the distances above, pick your poison and have fun. We will still be doing various workouts which I will drop a day before each workout.

December 2017 Challenge Fitness Bae.jpg

Monday Run

Have fun and come run with us!

P.S. Don’t forget to use the hash tag #RunWithFitnessBae so that I can track your runs.

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October Challenge

October is going to be one heck of a month!  We are going to be out here running like it’s going out of fashion.  If you took part in the Winter Challenge in June then this challenge will be a breeze.  You can read some of the challenge reviews from here.

When I initiated the winter challenge I told beginners that it would be a once off thing but I knew once they started running they would never stop and that’s exactly what’s going on now!  They are hooked onto running and I love it!

In winter we ran 2K almost everyday.  This side of the world winter mornings are pretty dark so you can imagine how onlookers probably thought we had lost our minds running in the dark cold weather.  However, it paid off and most team members managed to lose or maintain their weight throughout the winter season.

This October we will be running 5K at least three times a week and at most 4 times a week.  I’m proud to say that team Fitness In The Park managed to smash the June Challenge and I know they will surprise October by completing every single run.

Here are a few tips on how to survive the 5K challenge from the members of team Fitness In The Park:

Enjoy the run and ignore the pain, find new routes to run, avoid running soon after a meal and adjust your speed during your run. – M.K

Run at a steady pace that suits you. I had a problem of trying to run to finish as quickly as possible but you burn out real quick!  Running is really all in your mind, don’t give up! – Jeff


SpreadSheet Credit: Nyasha Chidavaenzi


Rules Of The Challenge

  1. Have fun!  Run, jog, sprint, power walk through this but whatever you do; have fun!
  2. Share your run on any social media platform.
  3. Use the #RunWithFitnessBae challenge together with your other favourite fitness hash tags.
  4. Wear pink.  It can be a cap, tshirt, shorts any pink workout gear for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I encourage you to take note of your progress.  When October comes to an end I want you to see the difference between your first and last run of October.

Happy running and even when you don’t feel like running remember the saying “Just Do It!”

Fitness Bae®

Fitness Bae Challenge

It’s going to be a fun-filled week ahead!  Get your running shoes out; we are going to get fit or die trying!  I’m sure you remember I announced that Fitness Bae was partnering with Golden Pilsener a few weeks back; you can read about it over here. It’s the final week of the challenge and I am the host.

I love a good challenge, actually I live for challenges and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Running gets boring, you can do a speed run, a benchmark run, a long run you name it but at some point you need to spice things up and that’s round about the time I challenge myself to try out something new.  Hello Yoga!
  2. A good challenge pushes my limits.  Nothing beats the sense of achievement.  I enjoy people who look at me and think I can’t run, they have no idea what this body is capable of doing when it comes to smashing goals!
  3. To encourage people around me to live their best lives.  Nothing brings me as much satisfaction as watching people achieve their health and fitness goals.  I’m here to motivate and inspire every single day and I never tire of doing it!

Fitness Bae

I’m challenging you this week to get up and do something!  You can walk, jog or run through this challenge what matters is that you get to the finish line.

This is this week’s challenge please set your reminders!
Wednesday – 20,000 steps
Thursday – 5km run
Friday – 1km and picture of work out gear

If the prizes below don’t motivate you, I have no idea what will!



The challenge starts tomorrow!  Make sure you use the hash tag #GoldenPilsenerGo4Gold each time you participate.

It’s going to be a blast, better get your gold! Keep it golden.

Fitness Bae®

September Challenge


Hello September!

Thank goodness the skies are clear and the sun is out; that’s every reason to go out and get your fitness on!  This month I have switched things up a notch and replaced our usual skipping with dance and yoga.  I will be letting you in on the benefits of doing these workouts during the course of the month so stay logged on.  In the meantime let’s talk about how September is going to be set up.

Burpee Challenge

You want a toned body but you don’t want to do the work because you think fit bodies drop from the sky?  I’m here to remind you that it doesn’t work like that and you are going to have to push yourself to get the results that you want.  There is no excuse for not taking part in the Burpee Challenge because all you need is yourself and some space to do the workout.

unnamed (2) Here’s why YOU should do burpees:

  • Burpees are awesome because they work your entire body.
  • You can do them in your home, at the gym, in the garden, on holiday; anywhere.
  • Burpees aren’t just great for helping you to lose fat and build muscle; they can actually help to improve the health of your heart and lungs.
  • They burn MEGA calories!

Dance and Yoga Workouts

You can buy a DVD workout, you can watch from YouTube, you can download an application and install it on your phone; you can even just create a power playlist and dance away.  Whatever you have to do, just make sure you get to do 30 minutes of it on the allocated days, you can thank me later.  The idea is to get your body out of your comfort zone.  Over time your body gets used to doing the same thing and boredom creeps in.  That’s why it’s important to spice up your journey so that you stay motivated.

unnamed (3)


The challenge would be incomplete without running.  However, this month you will be running less times in a week and each time you go out for a run you will be focusing on different aspects of running and not just going the distance.  Team Fitness In The Park is big on taking part on the #JustDoItSunday run that is hosted by Nike Run Club and it would be great to have you join us on those virtual runs.  Make sure your battery is fully charged the night before you go for a run, you wouldn’t want it to switch off on you during your run.


Steward Health is sponsoring fitness related prizes this month so make sure you take part.  I will announce the “challenge day” a day in advance so that you have time to prepare.

Hash Tags

Each time you post your run or workout on social media be sure to use both #StewardHealth and #RunWithFitnessBae

Park Runs

Tomorrow at 6:30am we will be at Greenwood Park, Harare for the first Harare Park Run.  You don’t want to miss this!  This will be an every Saturday do for the month of September so bring the whole family for some fitness fun, the event is free.

Please print the workouts and stick them somewhere you can see them all the time, that way you can feel guilty each time you don’t workout!  Make sure you get enough rest on the prescribed rest days.  Stay hydrated, eat nutritious meals and document your journey so that when the month comes to an end you can see all the goals you smashed; one day at a time.

The first Harare Park Run had 9 runners:

  1. Fitness Bae
  2. Lisa
  3. Fitness Hunk
  4. Fungai
  5. Decision
  6. Archie
  7. Nyasha
  8. Toriro
  9. Percy

2nd Harare Park Run – 16 September 2017


  1. Tambu
  2. Decision
  3. Fitness Hunk
  4. Fungai
  5. Saimon
  6. Toriro
  7. Fitness Bae
  8. Toby
  9. Rudo
  10. Tafadzwa
  11. Alyssa
  12. Yemurai
  13. Clara
  14. Bertha
  15. Liberty
  16. Lynah
  17. Yemurai
  18. Tapiwa
  19. Rati

3rd Harare Park Run – 23 September 2017


  1. Chenesai
  2. Munyaradzi
  3. Saimon
  4. Nyasha
  5. Miss Bubbles
  6. Fitness Bae
  7. Tapiwa
  8. Toby
  9. Fitness Hunk
  10. Lisa
  11. Decision
  12. M.K
  13. Fungai
  14. Alisa

4th Harare Park Run – 30 September 2017



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