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What started off as a mini challenge between my friend Tariro and I has turned out to be one of the most informative, fun and ever changing movements that has happened to Fitness.  I created this blog to connect with Fitness Junkies from different parts of the world who believe that fitness is indeed a lifestyle.


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Fitness Bae is a movement to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in an engaging and cost-effective manner.


To provide a platform for people in Zimbabwe and from across the globe to share and engage in a variety of fitness related issues.  Fitness Bae works towards enhancing the lives of the community through support, encouragement, mental and physical health awareness activities. Fitness Bae also aims to develop partnerships with organisations that offer health and fitness related products.


  • To transform 100 lives each year.
  • To establish a 100 member Park run.
  • To create easily accessible platforms for fitness enthusiasts to share their skills and creativity.
  • To establish a Fitness Bae studio within the next 5 years for those who want to exercise in a confined environment.


  1. Building positive lasting relationships with the community
  2. Keeping open communication
  3. Managing expectations about the programme and individual desired results
  4. Encouraging fun, challenging and interactive programmes throughout the year
  5. Promoting success through team work

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