The Morning After The Festive Season

Hello and welcome to 2018!  Gotta love the festive season right?  The one time that you binge eat and drink like you don’t know the consequences.  Food, glorious food, wonderful food…it’s like that’s all you see throughout December and you want every bite of it!  Then again life is too short and a little fun never hurt nobody.  I’m one of the people who got a little too excited and went all out, a whole 3 days of non stop partying, drinking and not getting enough sleep.  It took me a whole week to recover from that madness but it was all worth it, I ran 120k in December and that ladies and gentleman was a very huge milestone.

January Fitness Challenge Fitness Bae.jpg

Image from Pinterest

You know that regret you feel after taking the morning after pill?  I think that’s exactly how you feel after losing your fitness morals over the festive season.  However, not all hope is lost because just like you can make a decision to practice safer sex you can also hop back onto the fitness wagon.  I have a challenge that will make you think twice about not eating right, you might not like me very much during this month but you will thank me once you’re done with it.  It’s rest week the whole of this week so make sure you are stretching and hydrating; you’re going to need all the energy.

This time around I will be sharing the challenge weekly.  Week 2 looks like this:

Sunday Run 10 K
Monday Rest
Tuesday 5000 skips + 200 push ups + 200 sit ups
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Walk 10 000 steps + 200 squats+ 200 leg raises
Friday Rest
Saturday Walk 10 000 steps + 200 bicycles + 200 flutter kicks

Please make sure that you do different variations of the exercises.  That way you will enjoy different sets of intense workouts.  Don’t rush through it, “feel” the workouts.  The plan is to get fit or die trying.

Now that you know what’s lined up, which workouts are you looking forward to doing?

Fitness Bae®


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