The GloRun

The GloRun is a youth initiative that started last year. It’s a 5km glow in the dark night run that is then followed with a Glow Party. (yes, you read right, Issa Party!!) Last year it was in aid of Magis Zimbabwe Pilgrims who were raising funds to go to the World Youth Day in Poland. After the success of last year, where over 600 tickets were sold in 3 weeks, we decided to continue and have managed to maintain the interest of our previous sponsors and gained a few in the process.

This year The GloRun is in aid of KidzCan Zimbabwe and we would love to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause. The run is on the 19th of August 2017.


The GloRun is being held at The Country Club in Newlands starting at 5:30 pm with registrations at theglow painting booth.  GloRun participants then go under a UV light to activate the paint and will do a short dance warm up around 6 or 6:30pm then start a 5km (9 hole run) around the golf course.

After completion GloRun participants join a glow in the dark foam party with the resident DJ Smith.

ZiFM Stereo is the media partner for this event and they will also be partnering with KidzCan to celebrate Zi@5!

You already know I love all things fitness and I will be at the GloRun party.  It will be my first time attending this event and I am super excited! I am always happy to be part of a worthy cause and I hope you will join me next Saturday for lots of fun, selfies and fitness.

®Fitness Bae



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