My Pieces Of Running Gear

I have a dream, to one day own at least half the running gear on my Pinterest Board!  The running gear is sassy, colourful and definitely inspiring.  Why would I not want to go out for a run when I am dressed to the nines like that?  When I started running looking good was the last thing on my mind.  I just wanted to get over and done with it; never mind how I looked while doing it.

Over the years things have changed and I have my running swagg on!  I can’t just go out and run without deciding on which running gear I will wear on that particular day.  I get excited when I buy new sports bras, running shoes, socks the whole shebang because for me it’s not just about the running anymore, it’s about investing in comfortable clothes to show off the hard work I have put over the years.  Today I will share my running gear outfits.


The All Out Running Gear 🙂

When you see me dressed like this I mean business.  This running gear outfit is for days I run more than 5K.  I don’t usually run with music but positive self talk can only take me so far.  Pictured above I have my favourite pieces:

  • Phone Pouch: I love my pouch, minus the colour. Instead of holding my phone in my hands throughout my run I am assured it has a snug place on my arm so there are no chances of it dropping.
  • Earphones: I create a fast paced playlist and it is obviously titled #RunWithFitnessBae no prize for guessing there.  I love danchehall music so that definitely keeps me going.  Unfortunately sometimes my earphones keep popping out of my ears so they can be a real distraction.
  • iPhone: Without my phone I can’t track my runs so I ALWAYS have it with me.  I love the NRC application.  Okay, I am obsessed and biased when it comes to NRC but I love how I get to push myself harder when I hear what my pace is after each kilometre.
  • Vest: What I like about this particular vest is that I can “breathe through it” so to speak.  There is nothing as hectic as running with a cotton material t-shirt and next thing you feel hot and unable to focus on your run.
  • Running Tights: I love this pair is just the right length, enough to show off the legs that run.  However, this is one of the things on my running gear collection that I replace the most because they keep popping in the middle!  The material is not strong enough so I have to replace them every other month.  This is actually a great business opportunity for me, I need to start importing these because I know a lot of women have the same dilemma.
  • Adidas Running Shoes: This is my favourite running gear piece.  I love the colour, the comfort and the grip.  I feel like I am floating on air when I have these on.
  • Water Bottle: (gift from a friend) I can’t live without water.  Each time after my run I have a whole 1 litre of water before I proceed to do anything else.  You need to get yourself a pretty water bottle, the normal ones are boring and will probably stop you from enjoying a refreshing bottle of water.  I challenge you to add a nice looking water bottle to your running gear pieces and show me in the comments section once you have one.

The Let’s Get Over & Done With It Gear

Tell me more about your running gear.  Where do you buy it from?  How much are you willing to spend on it?  If you are in Harare are there any places you can recommend I try out for running gear.  Please do not refer me to places that charge an arm and a leg, I still have other things to do with my money; such as buying healthy food options to prepare for this body that runs 🙂

Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series Episode 4 will be live on Thursday at 9:00am.  I will be sharing My Relationship With Food.

Fitness Bae®


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