Why You Should Keep A Fitness Journal

I started using a fitness journal at the start of this year.  I don’t recall who introduced me to it but once I do I will thank them profusely.  Owning a fitness journal has been one of the best things that has happened to me so far.  I wish I had known about it earlier on my journey but it’s never too late right?  I want to share this idea with you and hopefully you will take it on and see just how much of a world of difference a fitness journal will make.

You will need:

  • A notebook
  • A pen or pencil
  • A highlighter or two with colours of your choice
  • Time

Once you have everything in place sit down be friends with your fitness journal. Write down a plan of your exercise routine for the week or the month depending on your needs.  I usually plan weekly and take it from there.  Below is my fitness journal, as you can see my handwriting is not the best in the world and I hope you can read parts of it.  I took a picture of my plan from the month of April.


April Plan

According to Fitness Bae you should keep your fitness journal somewhere you won’t miss it.  I keep mine on my dressing table because that’s one area I use on a daily basis.  Other places you can also keep your fitness journal include but are not limited to your bathroom mirror, your bedside, your fridge or as a book marker in a book you read everyday and your phone.  You don’t necessarily have to keep a whole book with you, just tear out a page and stick it where you see it all the time. 

Let’s get to why I am making a whole lot of noise about why you should have a fitness journal.


  1. You can track your progress.
  2. You will feel bad for not exercising when you get back to your plan and notice you haven’t done a single thing for two straight days!
  3. You will push yourself to perform better.  For example, the month of April started off pretty well for me but towards my birthday most parts of my exercise programme went downhill and by the time I started May I pushed myself harder.
  4. You have a constant exercise reminder.
  5. You take note of your strengths and weaknesses and find ways of improving.
  6. You get organised.  I have personally found that if one area of your life starts getting organised the rest of will follow suit.
  7. You, you and you can use a fitness journal! Most people automatically assume that a fitness journal is for someone who wants to track progress for weight loss but guess what?  You can use it for weight loss, weight gain and weight management as well.  Everyone can use it.


  1. You can misplace your fitness journal and your whole life will lose meaning.  You can actually feel lost without it.

I clearly need a new fitness journal by the way and I will get my hookup from Tafadzwa Bete who has beautiful customised daily organisers called the #GoalGetterPlanner. The planner helps you translate your dreams and resolutions into SMART goals then do quarterly reviews of progress and as a daily reminder of what you set out to do for the year.  What’s not to love?


Order your GoalGetter Planners through Abigail on 0735341030 or Tusso on 0774164689


GoalGetter Planner

The long and the short of it is that if you want your fitness journey to run smoothly you need to have a plan.  You can’t just wake up one morning and start doing random exercises without taking note of what is or isn’t working for you.  You also need to consult your doctor before making any drastic physical changes in your life because many times people go and overt rain and end up doing more harm than good.

I hope you start journaling your fitness journey.  If you want to see results then a fitness journal is a must have.

Do you have a fitness journal?  If not, what are you waiting for??

Stay logged onto my Health and Fitness Journey Series on Episode 3 will be live on Tuesday at 9:00am.  I will be showing you my Running Gear.

Fitness Bae®



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