Dare To Skip!

Welcome to the second part of the Winter Challenge.  I know a lot of you are relieved that we don’t have to run every day anymore.  Here is the breakdown for this month’s challenge, sit tight and grab some pen and paper it’s going to be exciting!

1.Floor Work

Make sure you invest in a pair of shoes that has a firm grip, you do not want to trip and fall during your routines. Don’t you just love that there is Rest Day on Saturday and Sunday?


Image from Pinterest

2. Skipping Challenge

Be mindful of where you skip from. Skipping exercise should NOT be done on a carpeted surface or stone or asphalt surface. You should do the exercise on shock-absorbing surfaces, preferably wooden floors or other smooth surfaces to avoid tripping or rubbing, which can lead to injuries.

I also strongly advise that you wear a pair of trainers when you do your skipping.  Do not skip barefoot!  The challenge will be in reverse, we will start from Day 30 making our way to Day 1.  Get ready to sweat buckets!


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3. Running

This month we will be running twice a week.  Sunday for #JustDoItSunday 5K and Wednesday for a 3K run.

Nyasha did us all a huge favour and put the information on a very neat spreadsheet.  I suggest you print it, stick it on your fridge, kitchen cupboard, bathroom mirror, heck even stick it on your forehead if it will help you with remembering that you have work to do!

All the best in the July Challenge.  You will get very hungry this month, skipping does that to you BUT please make sure you have a healthy and filling breakfast.  Stay hydrated and make sure you prepare your own meals as often as you can.  You can do this!  If you could run for the most part of June, what’s a few skips in July?

For information on the benefits of skipping please read the link over here.

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