Fitness In The Park : #RunWithReal

Look at you!  You made it through part one of the Winter Challenge.  Running everyday for 30 days was not easy but here you are making yourself proud!  I for one had never done such a challenge and it felt good to have a whole team to go through each day with.  A lot of different activities happened this month but I will highlight two of them.  We had a #RunWithReal Challenge and our monthly Fitness In The Park do.

Real, one of the members of team Fitness In The Park sponsored prizes for participants who were going to come out tops.  The challenge on that particular day looked like this:

Run 3K
Points will be given for:
Even pace
Using hashtags(#RunWithReal #RunWithFitnessBae) and displaying them on social media accounts



Only 5 people submitted their runs to the point taker.  Real decided instead of sponsoring 3 prizes, he would get all 5 members something.  The prizes included

  1. A personalised hoodie – Tawanda
  2. A Tshirt – Onai
  3. A crop top – Ian
  4. A digital skipping rope – Dumisani
  5. A PVC skipping rope – Archie


You can check out some of the merchandise from the shop here.  A big thank you to Real for sponsoring the prizes, it gave the team an extra drive to go out and run in the freezing cold weather.  I am still hurt that I was legible to win anything, how unfair is this??

Fitness In The Park is my favourite part of the month.  I get to meet the people behind the names I see on the WhatsApp group.  I had to make sure I got there early because I sent out a video telling members of the group that the first person to get to the park would win themselves a movie ticket and lo and behold, Archie was the first one to appear!



We started off the day with a 2K run then proceeded to doing the already existing floor work challenge that comprised of ab workout and squats.  I strongly feel that it is important to work on your core because it is the centre of your balance.  I am sure a lot of members have seen pace improvements during their runs this month and I can safely say that ab workout I recommended did the trick!  What I love about meeting in the park is that we get to talk about different challenges anyone might be facing, get to share different variations for workouts and I can also get to see who is doing the workouts in proper form! I also make sure that I give almost everyone a chance to take the lead that way they will have no choice but to do the workout to the end and correctly.  Slacking is NOT an option.


The floor work was tough but worth it.  Everyone was happy when it was time to take pictures; that’s like the highlight of the whole do.  To show everyone that we did the work and now we can muck around.  We usually play basketball afterwards and part of the team proceeded to the court for a couple of games.  This month the Fitness In The Park do was different in a good way because a number of people came through and not just adults but kids too and they loved it!  I have a dream that one day soon we will fill up the park and have a morning filled with fun and fitness.


Fitness Flash


Team Fitness In The Park

Lastly, I want to say congratulations to everyone who took part in the challenge.  It was not easy to commit to something that you had never in your wildest dreams thought you would do.  When I planned out the June Challenge I had beginners in mind and I am happy to note that they did me proud!  2K sounds like a very short distance but when you have to do it every single day when you could easily be in bed enjoying the comfort of your warm blankets…now that right there is commitment!  A few people shared their thoughts on the challenge:


I feel on top of the world!!! The challenge was in the mind… I have run longer distances but not with the same consistency. Getting up and putting gardening gloves to stay warm instead of staying in bed is where the battle for fitness was won!! 


Running 2K is not necessarily hard when it gets tough you simply walk. I think it’s the everyday part, the waking up in cold weather, now that was horrible!  Oh!! and the fact that you committed yourself to this challenge, if you don’t do the challenge the the challenge would have beaten you 😂… I had a constant  voice that would make you feel bad for not running!


The challenge is in choosing the right picture to put your run info!


Day30/30 Done and dusted. I just completed a 30 Day Running Challenge. I didn’t even know I had it in me!


I am heartbroken.  I am going to miss the people I used to see in the morning and the dog from number 45 that used to bark at me every morning.

To everyone in the team; I don’t think you realise this but you have acquired a new positive habit in your life without me having to force you into it.  I hope you will fall in love with running as much as I have and you will incorporate it into your daily exercise routine.  Remember to always use the hash tag #RunWithFitnessBae that way I can track your progress.  Thank you for joining us on this challenge I hope you will be a part of the second challenge which starts tomorrow.

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