Madbarz Workout : Tehn Diamond

Madbarz workout is an application you definitely need to add to your phone if you are an individual who likes to work with a schedule.  As you know, I am always on the look out for anyone doing anything fitness related and some weeks ago I saw Tehn Diamond sharing some of his routines for the day and I obviously got in touch with him.  Below he shares part of his fitness story.

I am doing these body weight workouts at home using this app called Mad.  I fell off on my gym routine earlier this year and using this application is part of my journey back to the gym.  I am also trying to develop a routine that I can use at all anytime and anywhere.  My tour really messed up my health and fitness routine.  Madbarz is working out very well for me because with my line of work coming up with a system that can adapt to the randomness of my schedule is a high priority!

Madbarz Workout Schedule:

MONDAY – Chest + Triceps


WEDNESDAY – Back + Biceps





This is what my Madbarz workout weeks currently look like. I am not a fan of rest days, they ruin everything for me. However, I do understand and accept that they are key to muscle growth.


Tehn Diamond

For me, it’s all about looking and feeling great. The pictures are my happy place as far as weight and appearance.  I am learning more and more to just enjoy the process of building a body I can make the most use of for the rest of my life.  For the next month it is going to be all body weight workouts and then I am going to add a gym session every evening. (I hope he knows about the Total Fitness Winter Challenge).  


At the moment I train first thing in the morning, around 4am. It’s nice and quiet; I really love working through the cold morning chill and that’s a plus for me!

There you go dear readers, I hope you get this application and see if it will work for you.  I am planning on trying out this Madbarz workout as soon as I am done with the skipping challenge next month, it looks like something that will take my training to the next level.  I am a big fan of switching things up when it comes to fitness and this looks like an application worth my while.

Fitness Bae®




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