Winter Challenge With Total Fitness Zimbabwe

Total Fitness Zimbabwe has partnered with Fitness Bae for the Winter Challenge 2017!


What if the fitness you practiced outside of the gym got you into a gym you would totally love?  Would you practice?  Would the reward at the end be the reason you actually took part? These are some interesting questions I felt I should ask because The Fitness Bae Winter Challenge coming up but this year has a twist. I am always talking about how being in the practice is its own reward but this time practice for those who want to go the extra mile will have rewards thanks to Total Fitness ZW.


Fitness Bae has been hosting Fitness Challenges to encourage people to work towards the bodies they desire through her various social media platforms.  This year she has made it more fun and exciting by finding different ways to keep people motivated throughout the cold winter season where most people tend to gain a kilo or more.  The reward for taking part in her challenges was usually to get the body of your dreams through team work.

This year the challenge offers you the chance to turn up the heat on your fitness regime and put in the extra work. A grand prizeof a full month’s gym subscription will come with the hard work you will put in on all the challenges that will be announced throughout the course of the month.

Fitness Bae has partnered up with Total Fitness Zimbabwe a top class gym located at Longcheng Plaza Mall in Belvedere, Harare.


The intention is to motivate fitness enthusiasts and anyone up for the challenge to turn the tempo up on their fitness.

Fitness is the future. I do not mean that in an ‘Everyone should do a degree in sports nutrition, exercise science or sports management to make money off fitness’ type of way. Usually, when people hear that something is the future they tend to want to get academically certified for it.  Fitness is the future because it is the key to happiness.  Show me anyone who tells you they don’t want to be happy and I will show you a liar!


The partnership became a reality because both Total FitnessZimbabwe and Fitness Bae believe that fitness is the key factor to overall wellbeing. Physical fitness requires discipline to practice and yet, when that same discipline is acquired it can be applied to mental, spiritual and even social pursuits. Fitness is the gift that keeps on giving but the best gifts are earned. Fitness is no exception. We are challenging you to step up and get in touch with your body. We know it will not be easy but nothing worth having ever came on a silver platter, unless it was borrowed or stolen.


You cannot borrow or steal fitness. You can only work for it and we are going to reward you for your work by giving you the ultimate workout venue and trainers who will expose you to exciting and daring forms of fitness that will change your life forever.

Rebuke any of the following thoughts:

“I probably will not win so why bother”

“This sounds too good to be true so it probably isn’t”

or the most local…

“This is Zimbabwe and nothing goes according to plan so why waste my time?”

Show them the door before they take residence. Fitness begins with a positive attitude and mind set. You are the thoughts you entertain so entertain positive thoughts that add to your growth as a person. When it comes to winning the real win is not the reward at the end. The win is the workout that makes you feel awesome every time you are done with it. The win is the discipline you acquire through practice. The win is the feeling of self-satisfaction that will engulf you when you complete the challenge. Wins are the stories you will have to tell about the trials and tribulations you experienced during the challenge but the greatest win of all is the distance you would have covered on your fitness journey.


Please note that:

  • Total Fitness Zimbabwe will give a discounted rate for members who join during and after the challenge.
  • As long as you participate you are eligible for this win too so everyone is a winner!

The best thing about these wins is that they are all personal. They boost your self-esteem and your feeling of being worthy. They also lead to the release of feel good hormones which add to the happiness we spoke of earlier. I will not get technical but you can Google endorphins for more information on these hormones.

IMG_2248 (3)

Will you rise to the challenge? Will you give that body a run for its summer? You should. You have nothing to lose and great unknowns to gain.

How to take part is simple:

  • Like the Total Fitness and Fitness Bae pages,
  • Repost the Winter Challenge flyer
  • Use the hash tags #TotalFitnessZw #RunWithFitnessBae each time you post in relation to the challenge.

After that watch for details as we post on the challenges. All you have to do from there is practice to the best of your abilities. You can do it!

What if your practice outside of the gym got you into a gym you would love? Still sounds too good to be true.

At Total Fitness Zimbabwe is true.


I can attest to that because it was my home practice that landed me a job there as a Trainer. Total Fitness believes fitness transcends what you do in the gym and so does Fitness Bae. Fitness is a lifestyle. Are you ready to be about it?

Cheers to your Fitness!

Paul T. Bako


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