Rest Day

Running and resting are two peas in a pod.  There is no way you are going to enjoy running if you don’t take time to rest.  The Winter Challenge that started on the 1st of June is still going strong with more participants joining in from across the globe. Today is Rest Day for those that managed to run 5K on Sunday for the #JustDoItChallenge and participants are beyond excited!  Below are some of the things they will be getting up to to ease their mind from the running challenge which has proved to take a number of people out of their comfort zone.


Team Fitness In The Park

Archie : I slept in today and it was sooooo nice!

Nyasha: I am still deciding between a lie in and a Spa morning.

Fungai: Definitely more sleep for me, I have a day off from work, I will have brunch later on, anyone to come and wash my trainers??

Dumisani: I was really going to enjoy my rest day if today was the weekend because I was going to sleep my day away so I will settle for taking it easy today.


Team Fitness In The Park

Yeukai: I am not going to work tomorrow?  How is that for a rest day??  I will be making my way to News Cafe Borrowdale to try out all of their burgers.  Okay, I kid.  I will try out one of them.

Real: I actually don’t know.  I will probably day dream about that roco mamma’s cheese and bacon burger.  I will also use the day to rest and see if my knee heals.

Fitness Bae: I enjoyed every single minute of the extra two hours of sleep I had today.  I will stretch at least three times today and enjoy a laid back day.

Unfortunately not everyone got a rest day today and this is what some of them will be up to:

Sammy: I am actually not resting today I will skip seeing that I didn’t get to run most of the days.

Tawanda:  I am going to work and chances are I will be finishing at midnight if not tomorrow morning.

Thembi: I will be at work and will complete Day 14 of the challenge in the evening.

Toriro: Day 13 of the challenge was done with the whole family.  We had two members joining and by the end of the challenge the whole family will be on the road.  After running we did squats, leg raises, crunches, planks, arm workouts and stretching.

I love to run.  Running is my release and I am happy that I am part of a team that not only enjoys taking up challenges but finds joy in learning new ways of making this health and fitness journey all the more fun.

Rise, Run, Rest, Repeat! 

Fitness Bae®


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