Top 5 Reasons To Take The Stairs

I have worked at my current job for the past 6 years and in all the 6 years I have been here I ALWAYS take the stairs.  I have to go up 4 flights of stairs before getting to my office floor.  I have had exceptions where I have used the elevator like on times when I have been too sick to use the stairs which has been probably twice.  I remember the one time I decided to use the stairs because my heels were killing me and the security guard asked me if everything was okay?  He’s got jokes right?!

Everyone in the building knows me as the “stairs lady”; good or bad thing?  I say very good thing because I seem to have encouraged a few people to start taking the stairs over the years.  Even when I visit friends or run errands I make sure I use the stairs.  I had a friend who used to work on the 12th floor and I only visited her less than five times because the thought of taking the stairs was horrific!

Part of the reason why I use the stairs is because I am scared of being stuck in the elevator because the one at my place of work always jams people in there.  At least once a week someone or a group of people get stuck in the elevator, I am not taking any chances.  I don’t do well with closed spaces and chances of getting into a panic attack are too real so no;  I won’t be using an elevator anytime soon.

Below are 5 reasons extracted from this link.  You won’t want to be left behind on the stairs wagon after reading this.

  1. You tone your lower body.
  2. You work on getting a strong core.
  3. Going up the stairs may be hard but it’s easy on your joints.
  4. Stairs allow you to accomplish cardio, toning, and muscle building all at once.
  5. Stair climbing uses the largest muscles in your body to continuously carry your own body weight up throughout the entire workout, which means more calories burned!

What are you waiting for?  Get stepping 🙂

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