Monday Inspiration

Good morning Fitness Family.  I hope you had a restful weekend.  As most of you know I sell skipping ropes.  Thanks to this I am always connecting with new people.  One of my customers, let’s call her Little Flower, has been pretty serious about her journey.  She is always asking me questions fitness related(I must start charging her) and I am happy to say that she has finally decided to get up and do something about her health and well being.

Why I started running…

I started running because I knew I was unfit. I have been for a very long time. My lifestyle was actually unhealthy but I had been postponing getting into it. I was surrounded by runners though. Friends, neighbors, and social media friends. It was long overdue.

The other reason was I wanted something that would help clear my mind. My days are hectic sometimes; I would be tired before the day even started. I figured if I kicked off my day with something positive I would improve my mental stamina.

What I am overcoming…

It’s very early, but I can feel a positive lifestyle change. One that’s more energy filled as opposed to the lethargy I constantly felt. This lethargy and apathy wasn’t just physical, it translated to other areas of my life. I didn’t feel like doing most things. I just “couldn’t be bothered.” As strange as it sounds, running makes me want to be more alive.

It’s always an exciting challenge. When my alarm goes off, especially now towards winter, it’s generally cold and dark. Yet the first thing I get to tell myself is “you can do this.” My day proceeds in the same manner from there.

Now this is the sort of energy I can relate to!  Thank you for taking time out to share your journey, I hope you keep things interesting so that you never get demotivated.

You can stay inspired by Little Flower’s fitness journey by following her on Instagram.

With self-discipline, all things are possible – Theodore Roosevelt 

Fitness Bae®


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