May Challenge

Hello my darlings, it has been a minute since we had a Fitness Challenge. This month I want us to try something different that will get you out of your comfort zone.  In the past most challenges have not focused on beginners but I think this one will appeal to both beginners and seasoned workoutholics.

Part of the challenge includes the “Spell Your Name Challenge” so for your benefit I have the details here with me.  If you don’t know any of the moves you will have to get acquainted with Google Search so that you don’t get left out.


Spell Your Name Challenge

You also need to buy yourself a skipping rope and if you are in Harare you can get one from me.  The alternative is to do what is calledshadow skipping” – no rope needed; just jump and rotate wrists as if holding a rope.

I started these challenges in 2015 with my friend Tari when I couldn’t keep the motivation to run alone in winter and every one of them has been different and nothing short of entertaining since then.  You can read about one of the many fitness challenges from way back from here.  It has been a fun journey and with each challenge I get to interact with people from all over the world and share tips on how to keep the health and fitness journey exciting.

This time around there are 7 rules for the challenge:

  1. Use any running application of your choice to track your workout.
  2. Use the hash tag #RunWithFitnessBae when you post your run or workout to earn challenge points.
  3. There will be bonus points each day for the individual who has a creative hash tag for the day.
  4. A short video of you preparing a meal less than 1 minute long will be required.
  5. Screenshot your workout and send it to the administrator of the group so that it is recorded on the runners list.
  6. Each workout to be sent in to the administrator by 10:30 pm each day.
  7. HAVE FUN!

The winner of this challenge will receive a digital scale and a chance to spend a day of fitness and exercise with me.  

If you would like to take part in the challenge either send a message to the number on the picture below or use the hash tag #RunWithFitnessBae on your workouts and I will add you to the group.

Start preparing, a fun filled week is loading…

P.S Follow the Instagram page for health and fitness updates.


Challenge in Pictures


Fitness Bae®


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