You Will Fall Off The Wagon!

Falling off the wagon is inevitable when you start on this health and fitness journey.  The one thing I know for a fact is that not everyday is going to be the same.  Some days you will do exceedingly well and on some other days well…things can go downhill and fast!

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I have managed to maintain my weight for over a year thanks to different methods I have incorporated into my life which include:

  • eating breakfast
  • creating an exercise plan for each week
  • having a meal plan
  • not beating myself up when things don’t go according to plan

However; this past week has been bad, like really bad I tell you.  I have been eating recklessly.  I have been having my supper way after 7pm, I have not been stretching as often as I am supposed to and thanks to the cold weather (yes, this is an excuse) my water intake has been a whole one litre behind track almost everyday.  Last night was even worse because I had a birthday dinner with my friend and I am positive we consumed calories enough for the next two days!  I was not the least bit surprised when I hopped on the scale this morning to weigh myself and I had gained a whole kg since my last weigh in last week. What a WOW!

What I need you to know is that despite all your best efforts to stay on track you will have days when you will not do so greatly and that’s really okay.  What matters the most is getting back on track.  BUT don’t stay too long off the wagon because it might take you a very long time to get back on it.

Let me share a few tips that I continuously use to get back on track:

  1. Switch things up!  Sometimes doing the same workout routine all the time can get a tad bit boring.  Look for other fun workouts you can incorporate into your existing programme.  I personally added Yoga to my journey a few months ago and it was the best decision ever.
  2. Set realistic goals and each week make small deliberate changes to them so that you don’t overwork yourself.
  3. Find out what does and doesn’t work for you.  I remember creating a personal challenge last year that incorporated running, skipping and ab workouts everyday with no rest days in between and by day 3 my body completely shut down.  Ever since that lesson I know the mistake I made and I have no plans of repeating it again.

This morning I woke up bright and early, stretched and did some breathing exercises since it’s my rest day and I got my day started.  I had my fruit, water and my meal plan for the day is going great so far.  I won’t feel bad about the bad choices I have made in the past few days because I know that I have another chance to set things straight and guess what, come next weigh in I will be back to my weight range again.

P.S This can be also applied to your life in general.  Learn from your mistakes and move on, life is too short to dwell in misery.  Misery leads to stress and stress is best friends with weight gain!

Have a beautiful day ahead and remember to go easy on yourself.

Fitness Bae®


3 thoughts on “You Will Fall Off The Wagon!

  1. Such a great reminder, and something I think is easy to forget. It seems much easier most days to just beat yourself up when things go wrong but of course that is part of life. Thanks for these tips for getting back on track, they are something I’d like to keep in mind when the time inevitably comes again. x

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  2. Thank you for reading. I am happy to note that it was of great use. Too many times we are too hard on ourselves. We forget that it is after all a lifestyle and not a punishment. Things will go wrong and that is perfectly fine. All the best on your journey and I hope you find more informative articles that will help you along the way.


  3. I find myself eating because I love the act of eating (which is totally ok), not necessarily because I love that specific food. I find that if I have unhealthy food around me, I’m probably going to eat it. My best practice is to always have healthy food in my house and enjoy my cheat meals when I go out for say a Birthday dinner.

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