Fitness In The Park : Food Edition

As promised, there will be another Fitness In The Park Event but this time around the theme is centred around food.  The second event we held last month left us feeling really hungry and it got me thinking that the next one must definitely have some food involved.

Fitness In The Park Harare.jpg

What I absolutely love about this venue (Simbewe Garden) is that there is so much space to do a different array of activities.  The event is free as always but if you would like to have some food you will be looking to spend $5 for a plate.  My very good friend Nyasha will lead the food discussion and also take time to show us how to prepare traditional meals that are both healthy and delicious.  We sure are in for a treat!

Once we are done with the important part of the day if you would like to join me to celebrate my birthday feel free to stay on.  It promises to be a great day filled with good music, great company and a lot of exercise so do come prepared!

Bring your towel, bottle of water, your friend(s) and your Bae!


Miss Ru showing us some Yoga poses


Paul doing what he loves!


Food makes everyone happy 🙂

unnamed (1).jpg

Worth every dollar!!


Fitness | Motivation | Education

To end the day we had a dance session with Pineapple Creative Studio and you can watch it from here.  It was a beautiful day!

Fitness Bae®


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