5 Reasons Why You Should Run Alone

Stop the “I can’t run alone” excuses and get with the programme.  The only person you need to go out there and run is yourself!

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Here are 5 reasons why I suggest you run on your own:

  1. You have control over what time you will go for your run.  There is no need to have to factor in what time is convenient for your running partner.
  2. You can run at your own speed.  Choosing to go fast or slow is completely up to you.
  3. You will push yourself harder.  Thanks to technology we now have a variety of running applications and through them you can track things like your distance, pace and elevation.  You can push yourself to do better than you did the previous day and get better at running each day.
  4. You have time to yourself with your thoughts.  There is nothing as priceless as a morning or evening run to clear your head.
  5. You are accountable to yourself.  You are the only person you can blame if you don’t go out for a run.

That said; did you workout today?  If not what was your excuse this time around?  For more hilarious excuses I have heard in the past click here.

If you really want to see results I would suggest you Just Do It!


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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Run Alone

  1. I totally agree with this. Sometimes running partners can be the reason why one quits especially if they keep making excuses. On sunday, I did 10km alone and realized how liberating it is to run by yourself, you pace yourself without worrying about being left behind or leaving anyone behind. Oh & of coz being accountable to yourself is the biggest motivation.

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    • First of all I am screaming with joy! Well done on completing your 10K run!! I bet you feel all shades of accomplishment. I completely agree, you become your biggest cheerleader the moment you decide to start running on your own. Thank you for reading and for the lovely contribution 🙂

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  2. I love running (and biking) alone, but I also like running with my phone. I run on remote trails, rural roads and often at night. I always keep my phone fully charged and with me. It takes some of the ‘fear’ away which is pretty overblown anyway. My biking app even sends progress emails to my partner with a GPS link when I’m deep in the woods.

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      • My boyfriend in high school was into mountain biking but… I ended up getting a bigger, nicer bike than he had plus it turned out I had some natural skill so he didn’t go with me for very long. hahaha. We have so many cool trails where I live and it’s so calming to get out into the woods and enjoy the solitude and nature, plus its an amazing workout on a heavy bike. I even did my first triathlon on my mountain bike but I since got a road bike for races, much easier!

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