Zumba Fundraiser

Good Morning Team Fitness!

There is another event coming up this Saturday and I hope to see you there.  This time it’s a fundraiser and the target is to raise $500 towards a great cause.  Makumbe Hospital needs to be refurbished and Harare West Rotaract Club is doing the thing that needs to be done to get this project going.  I will definitely be there, look out for me on the warm up session just before the event starts.

This weekend is going to be a busy one for Rotaract Harare West…We are killing not one, not two but three birds with one stone on the 11th of March 2017.
First up on the cards is the ZUMBA FUNDRAISER AT PROFITNESS GYM COLCOM Registration is $3 and starts at 8:30 am. On the cards in the warm up session we will be guided by Fitness Bae® and then the main ZUMBATHON. The event is meant to raise funds for the Makumbe Hospital Refurbishment Project which is the flagship project for the Rotaract Club of Harare West. Come Zumba and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!…All for Charity. Tell a Friend to bring a friend and a friend’s friend…Even the whole clan.
Immediately after the Zumbathon and you have danced and got fit for charity we head to the District Event MAHADAN 2.0: BIGGEST BLOOD DONATION where we will be taking part in the Blood Drive. The main focus of the day will be to donate as much blood on the day to save lives. Every Drop Counts. Start time is 1100hours.
Lastly but definitely not least “LET’S GET PADDED UP.” After you have broken a sweat at the Zumba and given blood at the blood donation for the join us for a cocktail event. We are raising funds to provide underprivileged girls with much needed sanitary wear. Come and drink and be merry and have a good time. EVERY girl needs pads. PERIOD. 👊🏾We are launching the “LET’S GET PADDED UP” campaign, join us AT BONJANGLES SAT 11 MARCH. $10 BUYS A GIRL 4 REUSABLE PADS. #Letsgetpadded #ruralgirlchild #shematters #everybitcounts Visit us on http://geddesfoundation.com/save-the-girl/
See you all there






Please save the date.

Fitness Bae®


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