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Growing up I was a skinny guy and I hated it because being skinny and tall was not a good look on me.   I decided to start going to the gym. When I joined the gym I was a weakling and people told me about supplements and their benefits; no one told me that once I started taking them I should not stop working out because of the side effects.  I started taking supplements for a period of time and I was working out and it was great until I stopped sometime in early 2012 because I was now married and going to the gym was an issue so that’s when the weight problems started.   Being a man in my culture being married normally comes with being served large amounts of food at meal times and as you can imagine not working out and eating more than my body needed quickly took its toll on me.



Thanks to weight gain I was constantly tired to a point where my sex drive was affected.  No prize for guessing that it also meant that there was no joy at home.  Being young and newly married and next thing problem s in the bedroom was not a good combination.  That was a wake-up call for me because I needed both my peace of mind and also be able to satisfy my wife so something had to be done as soon as possible.



When I started my journey the only form of exercise I could do was walking until I started running.  I met other people who were also running enthusiasts and they would give me tips to help me out.  Through those interactions I also learnt about body weight training and I was hooked!  I enjoy it and it is the major part of my work outs now.

At the beginning of January this year Fitness Bae approached me and asked if I would like to try out a programme she had designed to shed belly some belly fat in 30 days.  The programme was really good.  To be honest; the first 2 weeks were a walk in the park in terms of the work out but hard on my eating habits. I love my food and when I do get time to eat I EAT but I had to discipline myself and learn to eat right.  The programme encouraged that I eat healthy quality meals and never starve myself.   The last 2 weeks were hard because the workout had doubled so it was hard but I also got to do run my first ever 10K!  Food wise I had learnt how to discipline myself so that was going according to plan as well.

One of the other major challenges that I faced were food was concerned was my visit home.  When you are at home people don’t really understand what you are going through but I found a way around it and decided to cut down on the portions that were served to me.

I usually work out alone and occasionally with my girlfriend.  We are both into exercise so it makes a world of difference to have someone who understands your passion on your side. I have made it a point surround myself with people who motivate me and inspire me to do better.

I am SUPER EXCITED about the results of the workout plan and I love the new look.  My clothes have better fitting, some of my trousers actually need to be adjusted now or better yet I need to go shopping soon to compliment the new look.


Current Image of Fitness Hunk

What keeps me inspired is the fact that I want to look good and feel good and working out has become a part of me.  Each day I find new ways to challenge my mind and body to keep the journey as interesting as possible.

If you would like to get in touch with Fitness Hunk you can find him on:




The best project you could ever work on is you! 

Fitness Bae®


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