February Challenge

It’s a brand new month and team #RunWithFitnessBae is ready to take on a new challenge.  Team members have been itching for a running challenge since the last one was last year in December.  This month, there is not one but three different challenges going on and trust me, you were never ready for this!

This is a 30 day challenge which will spill over to the first two days of March because there are only 28 days in February.  Most people in the group want to have a flat tummy or better yet solid abs so this is what we will be aiming for.  The first few days are a breeze so #TeamFitnessLite (Beginners) will be happy to take part without any complaints.  The workout is for mornings and evenings.

DT won the #UrsulaChallenge in December and so he got to come up with what the next challenge will comprise of.  #TeamFitnessLite  I strongly encourage you to take part in this challenge.  You can walk, jog, crawl, sprint whatever the method the important thing is you get through the challenge.  A special rule for the beginners is that they only do half of the prescribed distance for that day so that they too can take part and not feel too overwhelmed.

There is a running community on NRC that started a 5K Sunday run and named it #JustDoItSunday.  I discovered it on the 1st of January when I went for my first run of the year.  This month, the team will also be taking part in this and make sure that we run 5K each Sunday of February.  Running is the reason why we are all in this group in the first place and I believe it will be a walk in the park.  Beginners are still welcome all you have to do is do what needs to be done to get the job done…you know the drill.

It’s going to be an action packed month and we will continue to encourage each other to stay on track.  This month we will also be talking more about what to eat to get those abs in great form because experts say that fitness is 80% nutrition.
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