Skipping Challenge Highlights

Skipping has had the month of January completely action packed.  Members of team #RunWithFitnessBae have been on a mission to smash their goals.  When we started this challenge we all thought it was going to be a walk in the park but have we been shown otherwise or what?!  Even though this month the main focus was skipping we still did various workouts depending on each person’s fitness goal.  Below are some comments from the team members:

skipping for runners.jpg

Image from Pinterest

I used to do 100 skips per minute now I can do 150-200 depending on how tired I am and the abs are finally coming through!  Also, each time I have a headache it stops after skipping
I usually have morning headaches. Babes we Fitness

When I started skipping in December I noticed that I ran faster and my abs were coming through. But come January after doing the challenges I am gaining weight. Sob Sob. I have put on a kilogram from early December.  My tummy is just okay. Hasn’t really changed. However, I have been eating anything I want. Anytime. Lol. This could be it.

Physically though I can see how I am so much stronger. I can hold my yoga poses for longer. My triceps (I think) are becoming more pronounced. .I have been working up earlier.  Motivated to exercise in the morning. It so exciting. I’ve never stuck to a 30 day challenge in my life. I’m determined to make it. Fitness Duchess

Day 26.  I decided to rest this morning, my body almost gave up on me yesterday.  Hope to work out in the evening. Nyago

Morning workout done.  But guys…I was manually counting and according to my manual count I did 5 000 skips but rope says 6593; could I be making an error or these Private School ropes ain’t loyal? Chido

Insanity polymeric cardio 40 min session complete plus 1 000 skips to cool down.  Evening workout unlocked! Christie 

I’m just hungry, besides that I love food but hmmm and the cravings are out of this world!  Doughnuts are now 35 cents in Food Lovers.  Get behind me Satan! Tendai

I don’t know about everyone else but personally, if  I run anything more than 5 kilometers I get a headache all day long that day!  Today I did 6 000 skips and I feel like I overworked myself, how is everyone else managing? Fitness Bae

I haven’t weighed myself but some of my clothes now fit. Queen of Hearts

4 000 skips done and dusted.  It got so frustrating having the rope getting caught up in my feet.  Felt like throwing it against the wall!  Felt like I was gonna collapse on the last 600 skips but I pulled through. Primal Pete

The notable change i have seen is endurance and pace and I have noticed that im actually losing weight. Fitness Hunk

Just wanted to say glory God and thank you all keep it up👏👏… this is the longest I have stayed true to getting fit and healthy.  Yes I admit I Have been sketching  (🙈I’m sorry) when it comes to skips (keeping up with y’all is hard and I am certain none of you are from this earth🌍..😂) but all your stories, workouts keep motivating me each day to make sure I have done something towards my goal and from joining weighing in at  122 kgs today the scale was saying  114 kgs🙃🙃🙃For a while you think you are wasting your time and nothing is happening, I guess it’s one step at a time…once again thank you😄 ScousePatsie

There you have it.  A lot of things have changed.  Skipping has worked on us physically and mentally.  I think from now on I will incorporate my other workouts with skipping for maximum effect because the results I am seeing on the scale have left me smiling all the way to 30 January.

Have you tried skipping?  If not, what are you waiting for?

Fitness Bae®



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