Benefits of Skipping

What I love the most about skipping is that you can do it any and everywhere and the best part is even if you travel you just pack your skipping rope and you are good to go. I know a lot of people always have an excuse not to work out but if you decide to join the skipping wagon you will always be prepared to go no matter which location you find yourself in.

Below are a few facts I gathered from the internet:

  • One hour of rope skipping will burn up to 1,300 calories. *adds to my to do list!*
  • Skipping is one of the best total-body workouts you can find, as it uses virtually all the major muscle groups in your body.
  • It is safer than jogging or running as you arrive on your toes while doing it, without affecting your knees severely.
  • The key is to jump very low, just enough for the rope to travel under the feet.
  • It increases strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm.
  • Tricks and variations for skipping include the basic one hop, alternating jumps, one foot jumps, side straddles, front straddles, running in place, double under, the skier, and the arms cross! I know how to do all these but you might need to be friends with Google so that you get acquainted with them.
  • Wear shoes while skipping!
  • If you’re trying to get fit, try interval training with your jump rope – for example, jump 30 seconds super intense, 1 minute light, and repeat. Interval training gets better results in less time than regular output exercise. (I have tried and tested this, it works!
  • A SKIPPING ROPE IS CHEAP, you can get one from as little as a dollar to as much as $20.

PLEASE NOTE: “Skipping is a great work-out but one needs to be really careful, especially in terms of footwear and surface. One should do it on a soft surface to avoid any kind of injuries. Also people who are already suffering from knee problems should avoid skipping. And for those who weigh more than 100 kilos, they should do small sets of skipping instead of long ones to avoid any kind of health problems.”

I did my very first skipping video and posted it on Instagram sometime back and I haven’t stopped skipping since then!

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7 thoughts on “Benefits of Skipping

  1. So if I have a knee injury I should stay away from skipping totally? Loved the one hour of skipping burns 1300 calories fact! But I kinda busted my knee cos I stepped funny when I was jogging a couple a years back and it acts up every now and then (hence why I hate the treadmill lol). Any tips for me Hun?

    PS u are so my motivation!!!

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    • Hello Gwen, thank you for reading. 🙂
      About the knee injury here are a few tips..
      1. Please do not stay away from skipping, just don’t try too much too soon.
      2.Your knees are probably week and need strengthening; try leg workouts such as donkey kicks, leg press (Google search these please) which won’t involve a lot of knee action.
      3.You have to get yourself a knee brace, try from any pharmacy or sports shop.
      4. Ice works wonders! Ice your knees every time after exercising.
      5. Stretch before and after a workout even on rest days.
      6. Make sure you you listen to your body, if you feel any pain during your workouts, slow down.

      I am happy to hear I motivate you, I want to see all my friends, family and even strangers get fit and reach their weight goals. I hope the tips helped and you will get to share the link with everyone who loves to eat right and stay fit.

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      • Thanks hun will definitely incorporate these pointers. The leg workouts strengthen my knee? Or they just don’t require as much knee action so they are better to do than the skipping?


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