How To Manage Cravings

I will NOT take part in any diet that tells me not to eat certain foods.  Life is too damn short! – Fitness Bae 2017

Cravings are essential messages sent by our bodies that something is missing.   Take a step back and think why you are craving something.  When a craving hits I usually try and find a distraction like perhaps call a friend and have a chat, it doesn’t always work though…

Below are some of the things that trigger cravings.

Restrictions: I have heard so many people saying they are on a strictly “soup, cabbage, fruit the list is endless diet”.  I always ask myself, are they ready for the cravings that are going to come with that?  People who put themselves on these kind of diets almost always start having major cravings because hello, who lives on cabbage all day, every day, seriously??  I am not disputing that diet, I have no knowledge of how it works but personally, I will not put my body and mind through that.  I like my peace of mind thank you.  Chances of craving something meaty and fatty are high because your body is lacking the nutrients it NEEDS. What I would advise?  Eat right, eat quality meals, mind your portions and above all else include whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables into your diet, those are what they call “smart carbs”.  However, if you decided to continue restricting yourself do not be surprised when you wake up in the middle of the night and cook a whole pot of sadza and beef stew because you are hungry for days!

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Dehydration: Dehydration usually comes in the form of hunger.  Personally, when my tummy starts grumbling I pour myself a glass of water, down it and wait.  If the hunger sounds keep coming then yes I am definitely hungry but if they stop then I was slowing down on my water intake.

Hormones:  A week before my period I crave chocolate like it’s the last thing on the planet; I have to have chocolate!  Cardbury is making a lot of money through me I kid you not!  I have to admit that sometimes I give in to my cravings because life is too short.  I work out and I deserve a treat every once in a while!  However if you are strong you can always opt for healthier option like a banana or any piece of fresh fruit as it offers enough natural sugar to fill those cravings.

Sleep Deprivation: A study found that participants ate significantly more calories from sugary carbs after five and a half hours of sleep than they did after eight and a half hours. Experts aren’t sure why, but some suspect that less sleep causes ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone, to spike hunger.  I use an application called SHealth to record my sleep and each morning I see how much sleep I clocked in and how many calories I burnt while I was in dream land; pretty cool app, you should try it out.  I do agree with this study, when I get enough sleep I workout better and even have less cravings the next day.

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Emotions: Are you taking care of yourself?  Are you being good to the body that works?  Sometimes you neglect yourself and take care of everyone else but yourself.  You might end up having a case of “emotional eating”.  I don’t know about you but when I am stressed out I will probably eat more than I am supposed to.  I will have a glass *read as two glasses* of Vodka on a Thursday evening.  I will have a slice of pizza first thing in the morning.  That my darling is a sure sign for me that things are not okay, AT ALL.  When this happens I take a step back and try and figure out what is making me fill my life with food and alcohol.  Sometimes the reasons are:

  • I am feeling uninspired
  • I am unhappy
  • I am feeling lonely
  • I am stressed out
  • I am bored
  • I am tired
  • I am feeling unloved

Maybe all you need is someone to talk to, time to yourself or just a non food related treat that will not have you resorting to comfort eating.

I found this on the internet and I think it will be very helpful with cravings.  You can check out the Food Craving Chart from here.

Are there any particular cravings you always have, care to share?

How do you handle yourself when the cravings hit?

Are there non food related  ideas you think would to help you fight cravings?


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8 thoughts on “How To Manage Cravings

  1. tinompunganyi says:

    Hahaha, the way this sounds judgmental coz I’m on a Daniel’s fast. Lol. But you’re very right, I really don’t believe in diets where you deprive yourself of certain things which will just get you cranky afterwards. I use the pareto efficiency concept. 80/20. 80% of the time eat strictly healthy foods in the proper quantities and 20% of the time you can afford the occasional drink with friends, jam donut, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tino, you know how to do this staying healthy thing right! To be honest, if you don’t occasionally indulge you will not only eat a slice of cake when you get the chance to but the WHOLE CAKE! Cravings are insane like that. Thank you for reading and I will adopt this Pareto Efficiency Concept as well.
      Happy Fasting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reading this now, well I manage my cravings by NOT BUYING THEM AT ALL… But I have replaced my cravings with better things. Sugar craving, I take a sweet banana instead or an apple. I look at a donut and now I feel guilty if I succumb, because when I do my cardio and exercise class and have muscle aches, I realise that I am wasting all my investment to a silly craving, Sugar Must Fall, Abs Must Tone, If i want that hot body, I better work ish! Too Legit to Quit and waste it away, I load on protein and better carbs, no portion control as such, because I need my body to grow in lean protein, I also dont have flat stomach like you MaKupsy, so no donuts for the flab

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like the fact that you do not buy them at all. That my dear is the first step. I hope you have a plan for what to do when the cravings come and hit hard. I say be easy on yourself in time you will be able to not give in to them. Thank you Robin, the flat tummy didn’t come overnight though it was A LOT of work.
      I love your motto, “Too legit to quit!”


      • Cravings do not come at all, I have mini cheddars if i want chips, a small pack and I have sweet grapes and banana if I want some sugar. Unless someone brings the food in my space, i am always filled with fibre low gi foods that keep me hydrated and full


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