Who Else Wants To Lose 1kg A Week For Just $1?

Don’t let being broke stop you from flourishing on your weight loss journey.  I’ve heard so many people telling me that the number one reason they aren’t doing anything about their weight is because starting the journey is expensive.  You’re reading this and thinking heck yes; gym membership IS expensive, have you seen the price for running gear, also those fancy foods you have to your diet to stay fit are pricey.  Yes, I do agree to all this but it’s time to ditch the excuses and trust me when I tell you that in order to achieve your goals you have to get creative and today I’m sharing my one secret.

Download A Workout App

All you need is battery power and data or WiFi access on your phone and within minutes you have yourself a new friend.  If you’re in Zimbabwe you can expect to buy data for $1 that way you can download this 84.7MB application.  I’m currently madly in love with the 7M Workout For Women App.  

  • My favourite feature is the calendar which keeps track of how many days as well as minutes have you worked out each day.
  • The other thing I love about this app is that once you download it you don’t need to have data in your phone to use it.
  • I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and before using this app I used to either screenshot my workouts from my boards or print them out then refer to them during my workout session.  An actual chore!  Thanks to this app which comes with an “instructor” as well as images of how to actually do the workout you get to exercise in proper form and not have to do guess work.
  • As the app name suggests most of the workouts are 7 minutes long and you have the option of doing more sets depending on what your body is comfortable with as well as how much time you have to get your fit on.

Please note that in order for you to lose the weight you need to do the work.  If you just download this app and it’s idle in your phone or use it once in a while then you won’t get the results you want.  If you’re serious then welcome to the club of going hard or going home.  I can testify that I’ve lost 2kgs since I started using this app two weeks ago; I’ve coupled up with a strict diet and staying well hydrated.

On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the best I say using 7M Workout For Women App is a perfect 10.  The bonus is their recent update which I absolutely love; it now has both morning and evening stretch workouts.  Perfect way to start and end your day.

MaKupsy Chicken and Eggplant Stew

Image from ZimboKitchen click for Chicken & Eggplant Stew Recipe

I’m not a nutritionist or fitness professional, this is what has worked for me and you might be lucky too.

I asked my friends on Twitter “What are some of the apps that you use on your phone that are keeping you physically and mentally fit?”

  1. @tinohondo Fitbit, Noom, Pinterest, WhatsApp (for mental wellness)
  2. @kapa187 Nike Run Club, My Fitness Pal , 30 Day Fitness Challenge
  3. @LeahMabhurukwa Google Fit. My target is 10,000 steps/day.  My stats have been embarrassingly low this past week. My work requires me sitting in front of the computer all day so I haven’t been as active as I would have liked. I like it because it’s simple and I can also keep track of my heart rate throughout the day
  4. @tina_blackrose Shealth for running. Exercise Timer for gym. My Fitness Pal for counting calories.  My favourite is definitely Exercise Timer. It’s for customising workouts. You build your own workout and time every move. It reads out the next exercise as you go. I don’t have to remember the sequence or worry about timing.
  5. @MissChiMystique Believe it or not WhatsApp groups , Nike Training App, Fossil Accomplice step tracker and the Samsung Health app.  I like the benchmark challenge that Nike Training has. It really highlights how strong you are. The Fossil Accomplice will actually count the steps you made in comparison to Samsung Health which lies sometimes. Samsung Health helps me manage my sleep times better.

What are your favourite workout apps and what else has worked for you while working on a tight budget?

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I Stopped Running & I’m Loving It

I stopped running after 4 whole years of running with the goal to lose weight.  My body has thrown in the towel and it’s time to give it a well deserved break.  I already know that chances of gaining weight are highly likely but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  I’ll find ways to manage the weight when it gets here.  I’ve told my friends I would stop running countless times but they never believed me because they knew I was addicted to it.  To show just how much I meant it this time around I actually logged out of my Nike Run Club account and deleted the application from my phone.  I doubt I will miss the application, it’s time to move on to new things.

I honestly used to love running, it took me to a very happy place.  However, the past few months my body has been struggling and these are some of the challenges I have been facing;

Sore Feet

At first I thought it was my running terrain, then I thought it was my running shoes, then I thought it was my running form.  To date if I sit down for a long time getting up isn’t a problem, it’s trying to walk that gives me a hard time.  I’ll be limping for the first few minutes of walking feeling pain that I still can’t describe underneath my feet and ankle area.  After going for a few days without running the pain has gone away and I can safely conclude that running was trying to kill me.  (okay that’s just dramatic)  I’m assuming the impact of my feet against tarmac has taken effect years later and I’m paying for it dearly.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

You would think this would’t apply to running but sadly it does to any and everything.  From half marathons, long distance runs, speed runs, park runs, guided runs…I did them all and enough times.  I got to a point where I was running out of places to run and I became so pre-programmed I got to a point where I knew the distance I had ran without need for my NRC app to let me know how far I had run.


Food and alcohol were my best friends after I lost weight.  In my head I convinced myself that if I could eat or drink whatever I like because I would burn the calories through a long run the next day.  It worked for a while until the past winter where I didn’t run as much as I used to and the scale showed me who’s boss.  That was my weakness with running, I didn’t pay attention to my diet, AT ALL and so I soon met my fate when I gained weight.  Thankfully it happened gradually and I quickly looked for ways to get back on track.

Goal Smashed!

When I embarked on my health and fitness journey one of my top goals was to be able to run 10km non stop and to lose 10kgs.  After smashing those goals I moved on from one goal to the next until I was aware of what my body was capable of.  Everything became too routine and I got bored.  The drive went out the window.  That was one of my biggest signs to move from running to something else.  My body now needs a shock and this month that’s what I’m aiming for.  I’ve made new goals for this new part of this life long fitness journey and I’m excited.   I’m not the sort of person who sits around and complains and not do something about it.  I’m about to do something that will completely transform my mind and body.

Fitness Bae

4 years ago I was broken, 4 years ago I thought that if I lost the weight I would get rid of all my problems.  Losing weight was a great thing, it helped boost my self confidence. 4 years later I’ve grown in more ways than one.  I’m now in a space where whether I gain weight or lose it I’m still happy.  The journey of self discovery is never ending and I’m glad to have realised this before I ran myself to unhappiness.

Which workout have you stopped doing and why?  What are some of the challenges you’ve come across while trying to let go of an exercise routine you were used to?

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Cancer Run 2018

The number of people around the world who have cancer is “rapidly growing,” with 18.1 million new cases and 9.6 million deaths in 2018 alone, researchers estimate in a new report.  By the end of the century, cancer will be the No. 1 killer globally and the single biggest barrier to increasing our life expectancy, according to the report, released. (CNN)

With statistics like this in mind everyone has every reason to get up and get moving physically.  There’s no cheating death, we will all die at some point.  However, we can do a few things to find ways to live longer.

Make a date with Rotaract Club this Sunday and take part in their Cancer Run.

Minus the run you can also look forward to:

  • Cancer Screening Checks
  • BP Checks
  • Zumba Dance workout

Perhaps you can also to get to find out more information about cancer as well as the Rotary Club.  I understand some of the benefits of being a Rotaract Member include; networking, work involving the community as well as professional development.


Fitness Bae®

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. – Wikipedia

The breast cancer campaign starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st every year.  This month I’ve decided to create a challenge that will include almost everyone.  You won’t have any excuse not to take part as this workout will not need any form of special equipment.  Just yourself and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

I’m excited about this challenge and I can’t wait to get started.  I’ve been running as a form of exercise for the past 4 years and I’m finally ready for a change.

We’re going to walk our way to good health this month and these are the reasons why;

  • Studies have proven that walking 60 minutes daily may reduce the risk of developing cancer.
  • Brisk walking for half an hour everyday can help you burn up to 200 calories.
  • To breathe fresh air, clear your head and reduce stress.
  • It helps you sleep better.
  • A daily one hour of walking can cut your risk of obesity by half.

Fitness Bae.jpg

Did you know, breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer in women.

Fitness Bae®

How To Plank

Standard Plank, rocking plank, knee plank, side plank, forearm plank and reverse plank.  There are more planks from where that list came from but I don’t want to exhaust you so early in the morning.  This month I have been paying extra attention to my arms because I’ve just about had enough of having to mask the flab through wearing clothes that cover them up.  I need to show them off on New Year’s eve and I’m really doing the work!

Below are my personal favourite planks.

  1. Forearm Plank
Fitness Bae forearm-plank.jpg

Image from Pinterest

2. Reverse Plank (with leg raises)

reverse-plank Fitness Bae.jpg

Image from Pinterest

3. Plank Row and kick back

plank row and kick back.jpg

Image from Pinterest

One thing I absolutely love about planks is that they firm up my entire body.  Yes, my arms are feeling and looking more toned but the rest of my body is feeling the positive effects of planks as well.

Whatever you do, please make sure you do your planks in proper form and take your time to do them correctly.  There is no rush, the time you set aside for exercising is for you and you alone so rushing through it won’t give you any results.  Keep your exercise focused, intense and deliberate.

My challenge for you today is to try out at least one of the planks I mentioned above and once you find the one you enjoy, add it to your routine.

Follow me on Pinterest for Pins on workouts you can do any and everywhere.

Don’t forget to smile, smiling burns calories too 🙂

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Tighten Your Belly With This Challenge

I’m so unfit it’s crazy.  You should see my belly!  I honestly believed a few days of slacking here and there would keep in check but I lied to myself. Last Friday morning I ran 5km and the 15 minute uphill terrain back home had me rethinking my life choices; I wanted to stop, I felt like throwing up, I asked myself why I even do this fitness thing when I’m going to die anyway and I also thought that I need to stop eating the same portions with my boyfriend, that guy eats A LOT and I’m adopting his habit.  So here I am in need of a serious push to get my fitness and killer abs back.  I challenged myself to do something drastic and I have no choice but to follow through because me and my big mouth have put it out there.

Fitness Bae Challenge

Poster by @thaHIITman

The different benefits of the workout we, yes, YOU and me are going to be doing are:


  • Push-ups help you focus on your arms, abs and your lower body, all at the same time.
  • They help with upper body definition.  I have arm fat that I desperately need to get rid off.


  • Crunches improve your posture.
  • They burn a few calories, it’s something better than nothing at all right?


  • Physically strong legs.  Summer is here, all the more reason to wear short shorts and pretty summer dresses to show off your hard work.
  • Relieves stress.


  • Planks improve flexibility.  (hello better sex life)
  • You can do them anywhere, no excuses not to do them.
Fitness Bae Sexy Challenge.jpg

Poster created by @thatHIITman (Twitter)

Please note that you will only need your body for all these workouts. No need to buy any equipment.

Let your body do the work work work work work and add this track to your playlist; remember pain is weakness leaving the body.

On a scale of 0-10 how excited are you about this challenge?

Fitness Bae®








How To Manage Cravings

Cravings are essential messages sent by our bodies that something is missing.   Take a step back and think why you are craving something.  When a craving hits I usually try and find a distraction like perhaps call a friend and have a chat, unfortunately; it doesn’t always work.

Below are some of the things that trigger cravings.

Restrictions: I have heard so many people saying they are on a strictly “soup, cabbage, fruit the list is endless diet”.  I always ask myself, are they ready for the cravings that are going to come with that?  People who put themselves on these kind of diets almost always start having major cravings because hello, who lives on cabbage all day, every day, seriously??  I am not disputing that diet, I have no knowledge of how it works but personally, I will not put my body and mind through that.  I like my peace of mind thank you.  Chances of craving something meaty and fatty are high because your body is lacking the nutrients it NEEDS. What I would advise?  Eat right, eat quality meals, mind your portions and above all else include whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables into your diet, those are what they call “smart carbs”.  However, if you decided to continue restricting yourself do not be surprised when you wake up in the middle of the night and cook a whole pot of sadza and beef stew because you are hungry for days!

Fitness Bae cabbage-diet.jpg

Image from Google

Dehydration: Dehydration usually comes in the form of hunger.  Personally, when my tummy starts grumbling I pour myself a glass of water, down it and wait.  If the hunger sounds keep coming then yes I am definitely hungry but if they stop then I was slowing down on my water intake.

Hormones:  A week before my period I crave chocolate like it’s the last thing on the planet; I have to have chocolate!  Cardbury is making a lot of money through me I kid you not!  I have to admit that sometimes I give in to my cravings because life is too short.  I work out and I deserve a treat every once in a while!  However if you are strong you can always opt for healthier option like a banana or any piece of fresh fruit as it offers enough natural sugar to fill those cravings.

Sleep Deprivation: A study found that participants ate significantly more calories from sugary carbs after five and a half hours of sleep than they did after eight and a half hours. Experts aren’t sure why, but some suspect that less sleep causes ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone, to spike hunger.  I use an application called SHealth to record my sleep and each morning I see how much sleep I clocked in and how many calories I burnt while I was in dream land; pretty cool app, you should try it out.  I do agree with this study, when I get enough sleep I workout better and even have less cravings the next day.

chocolate cravings.jpg

Image from Google

Emotions: Are you taking care of yourself?  Are you being good to the body that works?  Sometimes you neglect yourself and take care of everyone else but yourself.  You might end up having a case of “emotional eating”.  I don’t know about you but when I am stressed out I will probably eat more than I am supposed to.  I will have a glass *read as two glasses* of Vodka on a Thursday evening.  I will have a slice of pizza first thing in the morning.  That my darling is a sure sign for me that things are not okay, AT ALL.  When this happens I take a step back and try and figure out what is making me fill my life with food and alcohol.  Sometimes the reasons are:

  • I am feeling uninspired
  • I am unhappy
  • I am feeling lonely
  • I am stressed out
  • I am bored
  • I am tired
  • I am feeling unloved

Maybe all you need is someone to talk to, time to yourself or just a non food related treat that will not have you resorting to comfort eating.

I found this on the internet and I think it will be very helpful with cravings.

Image from Google

Are there any particular cravings you always have, care to share?

How do you handle yourself when the cravings hit?

Are there non food related  ideas you think would to help you fight cravings?

I will NOT take part in any diet that tells me not to eat certain foods.  Life is too damn short! – Fitness Bae 2017

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